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Night Film - Marisha Pessl Really, loved this book.

At times it reminded me of The Club Dumas, and some other times I thought I was watching a Kubrick movie (yes, it's that good).

I love the way the author told the story and included newspaper articles, website pages and pictures in the novel, which at times I thought were a bit gimmicky, but it really added to the story and the way it was told. The whole story feels like a movie (in a good way) and having these visual elements help you fall deeper into the whole thing.

There's a companion app, which will give you even more pictures and info, I haven't gotten to that yet, but from what I've read online is very cool.

I've seen many books being advertised as "this year's Gone Girl" and fortunately this isn't one of them, but so far, this has been my "Gone Girl" for this year (which was my favorite book last year).

I wish I could erase this book from my memory just so I could experience it for the first time again. I hope this one gets turned into a movie, I would love to see this on the big screen. Books like this one make me wish we could give a book more than 5 stars.